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Blackboard Patent Claims Invalidated by US Patent Office

from Desire2Learn Patent-Info's Blog

On March 25, the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office issued its Non-Final Action on the re-examination of the Blackboard Patent. We are studying the document, found here, but in short, the PTO has rejected all 44 of Blackboard’s claims. We caution that this is a NON-final action; both Blackboard and Desire2Learn will have an opportunity to comment before a final action will issue, and after that, the decision will be subject to appeals.


Blackboard to not sue open sources LMS's

After months of criticism that its patent policies had the potential to squelch important education projects, Blackboard on Thursday announced a “patent pledge†under which it vowed not to assert its patent rights to sue open source projects or home-grown software used by colleges and universities.
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Patent Office Orders Re-Examination of Blackboard Patent

In response to a formal request filed by the Software Freedom Law Center (SFLC), the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) today ordered re-examination of the e-learning patent owned by Blackboard Inc.
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LMS Jobs

We now have an LMS/elearning jobs category in our forum. Feel free to post any industry related job offers. Job seekers are also free to post their resumes.
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Online Learning History

Moodle also have compiled a complete of key milestones in internet-based learning.
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History of virtual learning environments

In light of Blackboards recent patent application check out this history of the LMS from Wikipedia.
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Blackboard Patents the LMS

Believe it or not the US Patent and Trademark Office has apparently granted Blackboard a patent for pretty much anything remotely related to learning management systems. Scary time ahead for LMS vendors???
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Learn.com / LearnCenter support

A group of LearnCenter users have established an unofficial LearnCenter support forum on LMS Talk for users of Learn.com products. Users of other LMS's are encouraged to do likewise if they'd like to further develop open discussion on online learning technologies.
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How P2P Will Change Collaborative Learning

Once associated with illegal file sharing and RIAA lawsuits, peer-to-peer services may now be the future of eLearning.
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Wake-Up Call: Open Source LMS

This article looks at the growing demand for Open Source learning management system products and addresses the question "are Open Source LMSs are a viable alternatives to commercial system?". Clients apparently want to know if OS platforms as good as commercial products.
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Blackboard and WebCT Announce Agreement to Merge

Two leading providers education software , Blackboard Inc. and WebCT, Inc., have announced an agreement to merge. Blackboard will acquire WebCT in a cash transaction for $180 million. The transaction will combine the two e-Learning organizations into a single company.
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Styles of instruction

Recent survey showed 30 percent of solution providers prefer the self-paced online training option. Another 20 percent gave a nod to a hybrid method of off-site, instructor-led classroom including an online component.
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Bursting the e-learning bubble

In the more than half a decade of e-learning availability, one thing has become clear: the Internet is not a good platform for teaching. Or so says Roland Van Liew of Hands On Technology Transfer.
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Corporate Training and Development Market Will Grow 8% to $10.72 Billion in 2005;

An overall move toward e-learning and a sharp increase in training outsourcing deals are the driving forces behind current growth in the U.S. corporate training and development industry, according to new research from media industry forecast and analysis firm Simba Information.
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Industry interest in LMS

According to Genesys, 26% of respondents to their Human Capital Management trends survey will investigate and/or purchase a learning management system in 2005.
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E-learning Demand to Double in 2005

Demand for online courses will almost double in 2005, as professionals and companies realize e-learning's distinct advantages, according to officials at RedVector.com, a Tampa-based company that offers online courses to professionals involved in the design and construction industries.
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New Resources Directory

We've updated our resources directory to allow visitors to submit LMS/elearning resources and products. If you wish to add an item to our LMS resources directory, simply navigate to the most suitable directory item then select the "select here to add your site" link.


Submit to LMStalk

Would you like to publicise your LMS product, announce your system upgrade, explain a standard?
Learning Management System Talk is now accepting submissions of articles, opinions, media releases, news stories about LMS products, standards and the industry in general.
If you have any material you would like to submit, please forward it to submissions@lmstalk.com


LMS Talk update

There appears to be a bit of life on this site at last. Welcome to the people have joined this forum in past week and I hope we are seeing the beginnings of an ongoing discussion. If you work in education or are an LMS developer, please take the opportunity to promote us to your networks.



Welcome to the Learning Management System forum. This forum and associated pages has been established to create a space were LMS users, administrators and developers can discuss the pros and cons of existing LMS's and the standards for online training resources. I have established this forum following a recent conversation with Reece Lamshed of Binary Blue. Reece had made the observation that though he could find plenty of promotional material for existing LMS's he couldn't find much in the way of critical discussion or evaluation of these systems. I hope this forum will fill some of this gap. In its initial phase this site will be split into 3 sections, a news page that hopefully will contain updates from the LMS community, the forum itself and a resources section.

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