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*ATutor 1.4.3 Release Candidate Available*



*ATutor 1.4.3 Release Candidate Available*

"ATutor is a Learning Content Management System designed with accessibility and adaptability in mind."

The first release candidate for ATutor 1.4.3 is now available for download and testing. This release candidate is intended primarily to generate feedback from current users, to try to resolve as many issues as possible before the final release in the coming weeks. Post issues to the ATutor Bug Reports Forum listed below if you find a bug or want to suggest changes.

This release contains many new features. See the ATutor Change Log for a more detailed description of new features.

*New Features in ATutor 1.4.3*

*Forum Upgrades*: Shared & community forums, forum & thread subscription
*File Manager Upgrades*: Create and edit files, batch move & delete, popup file manager
*Enrollment Manager Overhaul*: Groups, roles, privileges, alumni access to courses
*Language Overhaul*: Translate on your own ATutor system, UTF-8 support
*Backup Manager*: Create multiple backups, master copies, upload/download backups
*Question Database*: Store questions in a repository and add them to tests or surveys
*Test Manager Upgrades*: Image based questions, group tests, question alignment options
*Theme Manager*: Copy, import and export ATutor themes
*RSS Feeds*: Syndicate course announcements for display on remote sites
*Improved Feedback and Error Handling*: New object oriented messaging system
*Embed ACollab*: Display ACollab groups within ATutor
*System Announcements*: Email admin announcements to students and/or instructors
*Easy Enrollment*: Enroll in courses from the within the course browser

ATutor Change Log:

Download ATutor 1.4.3RC1

Demo of ATutor 1.4.3RC1 (Development Demo)

ATutor 1.4.3 Documentation

ATutor Bug Reports

*Translating ATutor*
To encourage broader distribution of translation effort, language can now be translated on any local ATutor installation, or through the atutor.ca translation site as before. Partial language packs can be downloaded and imported into an ATutor installation, and translation sites can be setup so others can login and contribute.

Translators should now complete the new language added since the previous release of ATutor in preparation for the final release of ATutor 1.4.3 in the coming weeks. Be sure to reread the ATutor Translator Documentation, and the Language Manager section of the ATutor HowTo 1.4.3 course. Even experienced translators should review the new documentation for a description of the upgraded translation system.

ATutor Translation Site

Translator Documentation

Login to MyATutor to Translate
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