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PureSafety Introduces Online Integrated Health & Injury Risk Reduction Program from eDoc4u



PureSafety Introduces Online Integrated Health & Injury Risk Reduction Program from eDoc4u

PureSafety, a leading provider of online safety training and risk management solutions, is pleased to announce a partnership with eDoc4u to provide the first online integrated health and injury risk reduction program designed to empower, educate and motivate employees to improve their health and safety.

MedChartPrevention, a product from eDoc4u, is a fully automated web service that evaluates employee risk of disease and injury, and delivers an optimized, personalized, interactive program for managing preventive care. MedChartPrevention guides the employee through a secure profile wizard that captures personal health history, family history, social habits and normal daily activities to assess risks involving 90% of the most common preventable diseases and causes of workers compensation claims. When implemented, a typical company can reduce healthcare costs by 26%, absenteeism by 28%, and workers compensation costs by 30%.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, about 10 million work days are lost annually in the US from over 1.4 million occupational injuries and illnesses. Many of these injuries are caused by pre-existing problems or other health conditions unknown to employers. Had the employers known about these pre-existing conditions, many of these injuries and illnesses might have been prevented. "With the skyrocketing cost of healthcare, we realized we needed to provide our clients with a preventative health and workers' compensation injury risk reduction program," says Ron A. Kirsch, Ph.D., PureSafety's Vice President of Business Development. Since MedChartPrevention is a web-based application, it can be easily accessed from within the PureSafety Learning Management System. Our customers can utilize a dozen different management reports online to support and track their overall injury prevention and wellness initiatives, all without compromising individual employee privacy."

Rich Smith, President of eDoc4u agrees. "We are excited about the strategic partnership between PureSafety and eDocu4u. We believe that the relationship will benefit both parties and our clients. Now organizations can pinpoint group medical and injury risks by gender and age groups, and respond using training programs from PureSafety and information resources from eDoc4u. The employers are sure to be winners with this combination!"

About PureSafety

PureSafety is a recognized leader and pioneer in developing and delivering online training solutions focused on safety and risk management. Combining a flexible Learning Management System (LMS), an extensive library of engaging courseware and various customizable training solutions, PureSafety helps companies noticeably improve their workplace health, safety and organizational performance. For more information, visit www.puresafety.com or call 888.202.3016.

About eDoc4u

eDoc4u is a leading medical preventive-care web service provider. Its flagship product, MedChartPrevention, interactively interprets health, injury and lifestyle risks using Evidence-Based best practice guidelines, and delivers personalized multi-media recommendations that empower, educate and motivate members to improve their health and safety. Nashville-based eDoc4u is a division of ConduIT Corporation. For additional information, visit www.eDoc4u.com or call 615-269-5710 ext. 201.

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