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Nicenet's Internet Classroom Assistant (ICA) allows virtually any classroom, even those with modest resources, access to powerful tools. Everything in...
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automatic LMS is an English-language open-source learning management system implemented in Java and conforming to SCORM 1.2
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Homesite of the Open Source LMS Ganesha (SCORM & AICC)
+Community forums
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ATutor is an Open Source Web-based Learning Content Management System (LCMS), designed with accessibility and adaptability in mind. Interoperable cont...
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Avatal Learn Station
The Avatal Learn Station is a J2EE compliant Learn Management System(LMS). It is fully SCORM compatible (RTE3). JBoss and Mysql are required.
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Java LMS (learning management system) named Brihaspati (Guru of Indian Gods). This software provides a framework for content publication to create vir...
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Claroline is a free GPL software package working with PHP/MySQL. It is a course-based educational tool allowing the teacher to create, administer and ...
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CommSy stands for "Community System". Its main focus is independent and coop-erative learning. Surpassing the acquisition of technical competence, the...
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Contains examples and all tools to create a nice and SCORM learning environment.
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EWS is an internet based work- and project-environment for lessons, research-projects or cooperations. The EWS-system supplies its users with virtual ...
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Eledge Open Learning Management System
Eledge is an open source LMS that provides tools for creating online instructional materials and courses. Includes navigation, registration, quizzes, ...
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ForeL e-Learning LMS
ForeL is an AICC compatible e-Learning LMS platform (in ASP) from SpainWex for the tracking and administration of e-Learning courses. Content can be c...
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Formagri/Ceres is an open-source Lamp/Wamp based LMS developped by Agronomical higher School of Dijon.
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ILIAS is an Open Source Learning Management System, offered free of charge, for developing and realising web-based eLearning. The software was develop...
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litw3 is a web-based literature administration system designed for literature-related data entry in workgroups, independent of time or location.
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LON-CAPA is a full-featured, web-based course management system. LON-CAPA was initiated at Michigan State University and is currently supported by the...
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metacoon - an Adaptable eLearning and eWork Environment
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MILESS (Multimedia Learning and Teaching Server Essen) is an Essen University project to develop a local Digital Library. Although first developed for...
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Moodle is a software package for producing internet-based courses and web sites. Moodle is a free, open source learning management system
designed to...
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OLAT - Online Learning And Training
OLAT is a web-based Open Source Learning Management System. Based on Java, it scales thousands of concurrent users. It supports elearning standards, i...
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Open Learning Management System (OLMS)
An online Course Management System (CMS, LMS). Tools for online teaching including course builder, syllabus, discussion forum, announcements, file upl...
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Freestyle Learning (FSL) and Open University Support System (OpenUSS) are specifications for Learning Content System (LCS) and Learning Management Sys...
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Quality Assurance Services, Multimedia Development, Web Design Services in India
Radix offers software testing services, multimedia development services, website design, designing services, flash animation design, quality assurance...
{more details for Quality Assurance Services, Multimedia Development, Web Design Services in India.}

Spaghetti eLearning
Spaghetti learning is an E-Learning project that need to build a stable, powerful, completly free for the teaching topics in School, University, Gover...
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an internet based working environment to support university courses - Internet supportsystem for presence teaching.
{more details for Stud.IP.}

SuperX is a web-based information system with a graphical user interface and integrates several data sources in educational institutions into a data w...
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TinyLMS is a lightweight learning management system for SCORM compliant learning content.
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Uni Open Platform
Uni Open Platform is a flexible Open Source e-learning environment tailored to master the daily tasks in educational institutions. The Uni Open Platfo...
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Virtual University
The primary goal of the Virtual University is to offer maximum flexibility, independence and individual service to the learner and at the same time to...
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WebAssign is a web-based system that integrates written assignments into a virtual university. It comprehensively supports authoring of assignments, d...
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